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Hands of Love (Book) Seven Steps to the Miracle of Birth


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  Dr. Carol Phillips combines 25 years of experience attending more than 700 births with the personal knowledge and wisdom of more than two dozen parents to create a road map that will guide expectant families through nine months of anticipation.
Hands of Love will open the eyes of the expectant parents to a world of possibilities. Eliminating fear of the unknown, Hands of Love will help a mother understand the relationship between balance in all structures of her body and success in having her baby naturally.  Valuable methods are also taught for reducing premature contractions, back labor, dystocia and in-utero constraint. Special chapters are also devoted to having a spiritual birth even with a c-section delivery or delivery after prenatal loss. 

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Hands of Love: Witnessing the Miracle of Birth (DVD)


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  1. Dr. Carol Phillips sheds new light on the miraculous journey of birth in this DVD of life within the womb. Using incredible 3-D animation, still photography and home videos,  Dr.  Phillips has created a tool for birth educators and chiropractors to help parents understand the benefits of incorporating Chiropractic care, CranioSacral Therapy and Doula support into their routine Obstetrical prenatal care. Witnessing the process of birth from an anatomical and neurological point of view gives parents the confidence to enter childbirth without fear.     For more purchase options or issues contact Dr. Carol at       m���-


Better Birth with Body Balancing

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2-hours of in-depth instruction, demonstration, anatomy, and case studies with Dr. Carol Phillips, DC.

She skillfully presents the four favorite myofascial techniques recommended by Spinning Babies for pregnancy and labor.

Carol is the originator of two and shows the refinements she has added to the other two.

Filmed on location of the Spinning Babies Trainer Training in San Diego, CA.

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