Dr. Carol J Phillips


1991    B.A. Metro State University

            Human Service Administration

1987    D.C.Palmer College of Chiropractic

1981    A.A Piles Peak community College Child Development


1998 – 1993 Associate Professor in Pediatrics
              Northwestern College of Chiropractic
1991 – Present  
            Twelve-Hour Postgraduate Seminars
            Twenty-Hour Workshop Series 


1988 - 1989       Private Practice in Santa Clara, CA
1989 - 1993       NHSU Clinician
1993 - 2004       Private Practice in Minneapolis, MN 
2005 – Present  Private Practice in Annapolis, MD 


1. ICA International Pediatric Conference

    Care of a Special Needs Child: A single case report -   1993

2.  ICSM Research Conference

      Chiropractic Care, Including Craniosacral Therapy,      During Pregnancy: A static-group       comparison of obstetric interventions during labor and delivery. - 1993

3. Congress of Chiropractic Educators

     Pediatric Training in the College Setting -1992

4. ICA International Pediatric Conference ADD/ADHD: Single case report - 1991

5. Congress of Chiropractic Educators: Proposal on Advanced Pediatric Training –1990


1.      Contributing Author, PediatricChiropractic. Williams and Wilkins Chapter 10: Craniosacral          Therapy. 1998:424-454
2.     An Effective Drug-Free Approach to Premature Contractions. ICA Review Oct 98: 77-81
3.     Back Labor: A Possible Solution for a Painful Situation. ICA Review  July/August 97: 51-55
4.     Birth Trauma-Antibiotic Abuse-Vaccine Reaction: A Single Case Report ICA Review. Sept/0ct96:         57-64
5.     Chiropractic Care, Including Craniosacral Therapy, During Pregnancy: A Static-group         Comparison of Obstetric Interventions During Labor and Delivery. JMPT Oct 95; 18,8: 525-529


 1.      Owner and Founder of New Dawn Publishing
2.       Author, Hands of Love: Seven Steps to the Miracle of Birth. 2001
3.       Exe. Producer of Hands of Love: Witnessing the Miracle of Birth. 2002
4.       Exe. Producer of Craniosacral/Myofascial Therapy: 6-Hr Training 2002
5.       Exe. Producer of Prenatal Chiropractic Protocol: 1 Hr. Training   2003